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Welcome to EU-Imminent

Some parts of this website are under construction and will be developed over the coming days.

Eu-Imminent is an Interactive Business Start-up Guide for Immigrant Entrepreneurs. It is a European Union Leonardo da Vinci funded initiative, established to design and pilot a web-based information/training resource specifically for immigrant entrepreneurs looking to set up their own Business. It will be developed taking into account the specific needs of Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in establishing a business.

Eu-Imminent as a partnership, offers expertise in both business and immigrant issues. It constitutes an ideal platform for the development of a high quality-training tool for immigrant entrepreneurs. Together we comprise two SME support organisations in the UK and Ireland; a migrants rights network focusing on social and economic inclusion in the UK; Romania’s national and international association for small business and entrepreneurs; the largest  Polish  Chamber of Commerce; and a business training and consultancy provider from Northern Ireland.

Our resource tool will provide interactive information/training materials for new and existing businesses consolidating current resources into one easily accessible vehicle.

Featured Services

Make sure your Business is Legal!

Make sure your Business is Legal! What are the different regulations and laws about setting up in business? What do I need to do? Who do I need to notify? Are there special rules for migrant businesses? This module covers all these and more! Find out more.

Marketing your Business

Marketing your Business. This module looks at how you can make your marketing stand out from your competitors. It starts with what is market research and cover all you need to know to develop a successful marketing plan. Find out more.

What’s it like to start a business?

What’s it like to start a business? A bit like a rollercoaster ride in fact!  Or starting a new life in a new country! This module will help you consider if you have the skills, networks, support & resources to start a business. Find out more.


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